About Me

Ami Park is an actor, host, print/commercial model and storyteller. Born in New York and raised in New Jersey,

Ami always had a knack for acting since her childhood.

She attended Boston University with the degree in BFA Theater Arts, where she decided she needed to become an activist for the Asian American community. Her past projects include her recurring role in "This is Us", "The Middle" and Fractured,  a true story that depicts the dire consequences of untreated mental illness.


During her first year in Los Angeles, Ami was a host for

Kore Asian Media and ISATv, where both platforms focus on highlighting Asian American experiences. Now she is bringing out her passion by acting and sharing stories that will hopefully allow others to reclaim their authentic identities and voices while addressing controversial topics, mainly through her Instagram @ami_park.


My Why 

I'm passionate about storytelling because we live in such a world that has shunned our voices from truly speaking. We keep going at

a rate that is faster than we can fathom to the point where we don't know what it's like to slow down and to appreciate every moment. 

I want to convey the truth in every moment and bring them to life, with the hope that someone, wherever they may be, can connect with me. 


This is Us- Recurring 

Lance Bass Sonic Commercial 

Indiegogo campaign- The Silent Fall

The Coeds (guest star) - Amazon Prime

Crazy Rich Asians Music Video 

Featured in: You Got This Girl 




I’ve been raving about my acting studio